Purchase Ontario Buckfast Queens

NOTE: Due to the current COVID-19 situation, we will NOT be selling queens for the 2021 season. The number of HBRC staff is being kept to a minimum to ensure COVID-safe working conditions. We will be focusing our efforts on our honey bee health research

Purchasing Queens

The University of Guelph is part of Buckfast Ontario, a Buckfast honey bee breeders collective. The other members of the group are Ferguson Apiaries, in Hensall, and Munro Honey and Meadery, in Alvinston.

If you are interested in purchasing queens or cells from the Honey Bee Research Centre, please read the following information carefully:

Due to limited quantity and to ensure safe delivery, we are only selling queens and queen cells within the province of Ontario. Queens and queen cells are available for pick up at our location (308 Stone Rd. E, Guelph ON) or by delivery. We recommend that you pick up your order.

The Honey Bee Research Centre sells queen cells, locally mated queens, and island mated queens. We do not sell nucleus colonies.

Due to the nature of queen rearing, we cannot promise that queens and queen cells will be available when you want them. Your name will be added to our queen and cell purchasing list, and orders will be filled based on our queen rearing schedule on a first come first serve basis. We will contact you as queens and cells become available.

NOTE: We are not selling queens for the 2021 season. Please order queens and queen cells from the other Buckfast Ontario breeders below.

If you are purchasing queen cells, watch our video on Handling Queen Cells.
If you are purchasing mated queens, watch our videos on Caring of Caged Queens and Requeening.

Other Buckfast Ontario bee breeders:

  1. Ferguson Apiaries (http://fergusonapiaries.on.ca/)
  2. Munro Honey and Meadery (http://www.munrohoney.com/)